We create and design all types of adhesive labels: upmarket, commodity, standard, technical and security labels. Thanks to our diversified industrial machinery we are able to produce labels in low, medium and high volumes using different printing systems such as offset, typography and screen printing. We can add different finishing touches like stamping, braille, embossing, UV varnish, back printing, free-adhesive areas, and also combine all these systems with each other without any restraints of finishing touches or inks, including thermochromatic and security inks (highly used because of the need of protection and quality of both product and brand). We treat your product as custom-made, so we adapt to your needs and specifications.

We take great care of your project getting personally involved in it and controlling quality throughout the whole production process of the label.

Our production process starts with the study of the customer’s needs on the design, for which we offer several options and modification possibilities for your complete satisfaction, assisting you personally when choosing the right materials as well as the printing system and finishing touches.

Short delivery times offered with our products.

Our internal and external design departments are highly qualified in special products, therefore they will make sure your label conforms to your product and the values that you want to offer.

A label is the image you give to your product on the market. Hence the importance of a good personalized work, in constant contact with the customers, which shows the best side of the product and highlights it within the sector.