Adhesive labels for medicines, pharmaceutical products and pharmacies

In Mediterranean Adhesive Labels we understand the importance of precision and safety in the pharmaceutical sector. We are proud to be your reliable partner in the manufacture of adhesive labels specifically designed to meet rigorous pharmaceutical industry standards.

Our labels offer not only an attractive presentation for your products, but also an additional layer of security and visual compliance that your brand deserves.

We specialize in creating labels for pharmaceutical products that go beyond conventional. From standard-compliant materials to advanced printing techniques that ensure readability and durability, our adhesive labels are a reliable choice for highlighting the authenticity and integrity of your pharmaceuticals. In addition, we offer customization options to reflect the unique identity of your brand, while maintaining the seriousness and professionalism required in the sector.

Patient safety is our top priority.

All of our pharmaceutical adhesive labels are designed with advanced security features, such as holograms and specialized barcodes, to prevent counterfeiting and ensure traceability. Trust Mediterranean Adhesive Labels to provide labeling solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of the demanding pharmaceutical world, contributing to your customers’ trust and regulatory compliance.

We have the ability to produce any number of adhesive labels by means of the different printing systems we have, such as offset, screen printing, digital, flexography and typography, to which you can add finishes such as stamping, Braille, relief, UVI reserves, prints on the back, adhesive reserve, being able to combine all these systems with each other, without limitation of inks or finishes, including thermochromatic inks and security inks.

Multi-page, multi-layered, multi-sheet label stickers

Multi-label adhesive labels, are labels with multiple sheets to put all indications is much information or data.

Especially suitable for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Quality control throughout the production of the adhesive label.

We manufacture our labels in reduced and guaranteed delivery times.