Manufacture of self-adhesive or adhesive labels:

High quality adhesive labels

Standard adhesive labels

Technical and safety adhesive labels

The printing systems we use to manufacture our adhesive labels are:


Screen printing

Digital Printing



These label printing systems can be combined with each other.

In addition to standard inks, we also have thermochromatic inks and safety inks for the protection and quality of the product and its brand.

Etiquetas autoadhesivas multiples acabados - estiqueta con stamping y relieve EAM

The finishes that we can make on the labels are multiple, we have the machinery necessary to manufacture high quality adhesive labels and with special finishes such as:




ICU reserves

Impressions on the back

Adhesive stock


Dropdown tag
The different printing systems can also be combined with each other, without limitations of inks or finishes.

Multi-page, multi-layered, multi-sheet label stickers

Multi-label adhesive labels, are labels with multiple sheets to put all indications is much information or data.

Especially suitable for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

We have a rigorous quality control throughout the production of the adhesive label.

We manufacture our labels in reduced and guaranteed delivery times.

  • Customer advice.
  • Technical advisor for designers.
  • Technical advisor for producers.

Our label manufacturing process begins with the study of the customer’s need in the design, for which we offer different options and modifications for complete satisfaction, advising you professionally to choose the most suitable materials, as well as the printing system and custom finishes.
We develop and manufacture all kinds of adhesive labels:

High quality





Adhesive labels made of natural wood

Adhesive labels with real wood foil holder printed in Silkscreen 2 colors + Stamping. You can make more types of finishes and prints. Consult us!

All natural wood labels are unique, because of the grain of the wood.

Get exclusivity, elegance, nobility, …

Thanks to our industrial diversification in graphic arts machinery, we have the ability to produce any type and quantity of adhesive labels through different printing systems.

We have our own design department and an external one, highly qualified in special projects so that your label is consistent with your product, and the values you want to offer.
A label is the image of your product in the market, hence the importance of a good personalized work in constant contact with customers, showing the best of the product and thus, position itself better in the market.
We also provide you with a specialized technical advisor for designer and products.